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We are fully dedicated, but not limited to providing specialized travel to individuals and groups wishing to travel to Cuba and other countries.

Isla Azul Travel, is an agency physically located on the borderline of Coral Gables and West Miami and it is easy to reach regardless of where you are because of the combined magic of 24-7 active phones and the Internet.

Isla Azul Travel is a fully legal organization holding various licenses and certifications:
Certified to sell airline travel, hotel accommodation, tour packages and cruises to many destinations in the world.

This travel agency was originally founded in 1999 with the purpose of facilitating visits of Cubans and Cuban Americans to their families in Cuba. As time passed by, Isla Azul Travel has kept on growing and increasing its activity. Today, Isla Azul Travel has a very substantial variety of travel related services focusing its attention on academic, intellectual, cultural, scientific, humanitarian, and religious exchanges.
Isla Azul Travel’s team of professionals can assist you, your company or your group with all your travel arrangements in a very personalized way to ensure you have a smooth and stress free travel experience.
Isla Azul Travel’s team is very proud of who we are and of what we have accomplished through years of hard work and constant search of new ways to make our organization different and a place where you will always be treated with respect and consideration.

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Isla Azul Travel
7875 SW 40th Street
Suite 218
Miami, FL 33155